Azad Hind Social Alleviation Society


' AHSAS '            

Message from Chairman

                              Creation of iconic images is the absolute jurisdiction of the absolute supreme The God. The imaginations are out come of the feelings-the AHSAS, which is off shot of pains. The pains that  are not-sharable, non-exhaustive and non- compromising. They grow with feelings to downtrodden, the neglected ones, countless unprivileged and socially pushed back children,  exploited working class,  harassed female class, forced recidivism of youth and deprived discriminated groups of society. The living is inevitable for each one in all the circumstances, may it be smiles & tears or joys and sorrows. The men and women of feelings-AHSAS rise in all odds and raise their hands to wipe out the tears and step up to remove all fears and repose the strength, courage and confidence in all the weaker sections of the society to lie with smiles and joys.
                                To awaken the feelings of humanity and render the selfless services at all points of need and time, a free hand and heart is well required in the form of iconic image and that is AHSAS – “AZAD HIND SOCIAL ALLEVIATION SOCIETY.
                             Let us join our hands to give Mother INDIA an iconic Jupiter to serve for ser-vice, live for love, stand for peace and run for progress of one and all in the society. May God, the divine virtues fall on us to stand with courage, strength and solidarity for all noble creations and innovations.

Prof.(DR.) R.R.Azad.
( Ph.d , D.Lit )
An Academician and Social Reformist